Stop driving with your high beams on to be able to see the road.  Driving with cloudy or oxidized headlights increases your chances of being involved in a nighttime driving accident by 15-55%, depending on conditions.

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1. Restored headlights will improve the appearance and value of your car.

2. SAFETY - Your safety when driving at night is very important – obscured, dim, yellow headlights can be very dangerous.

3. It will make it easier to sell and increase your vehicles trade in value. Just  having yellow, hazy headlights ruins the appearance of a vehicle regardless of  how you take care of it.  

4. It will save you hundreds in new headlights replacements! The average plastic headlight costs around $200+ to replace (not including installation costs. Some lenses can cost in excess of $350-$400 each (just call your local BMW or Audi dealer).

Oxidized Headlights Houston

Fix Your Oxidized Headlights

Cloudy or severely oxidized headlights can be found on nearly 7 out of every 10 vehicles over three years old on the road today. Poor driving visibility is the leading cause of nighttime traffic accidents. Most drivers with vehicles over 3 years old are likely driving with cloudy or oxidized headlights that greatly need to be replaced.

Standard headlights show objects 150 feet ahead.Yellow, cloudy headlights reduce a driver’s night vision by 50% or 75ft. Oxidized headlights can decrease light projection by 75% or 37.5ft of visibility exposing the driver to an even higher risk of being involved in an accident.